Ultrahigh brightness beams from plasma photoguns

Habib, A. F. and Heinemann, T. and Manahan, G. G. and Rutherford, L. and Ullmann, D. and Scherkl, P. and Knetsch, A. and Sutherland, A. and Beaton, A. and Campbell, D. and Boulton, L. and Nutter, A. and Karger, O. S. and Litos, M. D. and O'Shea, B. D. and Andonian, G. and Bruhwiler, D. L. and Cary, J. R. and Hogan, M. J. and Yakimenko, V. and Rosenzweig, James B. and Hidding, B. (2021) Ultrahigh brightness beams from plasma photoguns. Other. arXiv.org, Ithaca, N.Y..

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Plasma photocathodes open a path towards tunable production of well-defined, compact electron beams with normalized emittance and brightness many orders of magnitude better than state-of-the-art. Such beams could have a far-reaching impact on applications such as light sources, but also open up new vistas on high energy physics and high field physics. We report on challenges and details of the proof-of-concept demonstration of a plasma photocathode in 90$^\circ$ geometry at SLAC FACET within the "E-210: Trojan Horse" program. Using this experience, alongside theoretical and simulation-supported advances, we discuss the upcoming "E-310: Trojan Horse-II" program at FACET-II.