Impact of the Coronavirus on workers [Podcast] EP9

Spowage, Mairi and Martin, Helen and Congreve, Emma (2020) Impact of the Coronavirus on workers [Podcast] EP9. Fraser of Allander Institute, Glasgow.

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Helen Martin, Assistant General Secretary of the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC), joins Mairi Spowage and Emma Congreve to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdown on workers. Helen discusses how prepared we were for this pandemic, the policy measures that have been introduced to help workers, the role of key workers and the things to think about when planning out how we could ease lockdown restrictions. Timestamps (00:25) Reflections on the current crisis and the impact on workers. (03:45) How prepared were we for this pandemic? (07:50) Policy measures that have been introduced and who is falling through the gaps (12:24) Sectors of the economy that have precarious workers (15:48) How could the economy be safely started up in a gradual way? (19:39) Valuing key workers (23:53) Long term impacts of the crisis on economy, the labour market and society