Implications of the crisis on the Scottish economy – FAI webinar [Podcast] EP16

Roy, Graeme and Spowage, Mairi and Congreve, Emma and McIntyre, Stuart (2020) Implications of the crisis on the Scottish economy – FAI webinar [Podcast] EP16. Fraser of Allander Institute, Glasgow.

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On Friday 15th May, the Fraser of Allander team hosted a webinar, giving an overview of the current economic situation, the impact of the pandemic and the immediate outlook for the Scottish economy. The presentations focussed on the economic context, highlighting some key findings from research by the institute into both regional and sectoral impacts, and discussed the implications for households, including future trends in child poverty and inequality. The session concluded with a discussion of ‘what next’ – including the opportunities and risks facing Scotland over the longer-term, which was followed by a Q&A session.Timestamps(7:00) Mairi Spowage: What we know so far(17:40) Emma Congreve: The impact on individuals and households(25:45) Stuart McIntyre: The recovery and the long term challenges(33:10) Q&A(33:50) How will the fiscal framework be affected?(43:35) What does the crisis mean for households, child poverty and universal basic income?(52:15) What is the outlook for businesses in Scotland and what are the unemployment effects?(56:30) What are the local and regional effects of the crisis and what is the outlook for local government?(1:01:32) How will the crisis affect universities and colleges?(1:07:50) What opportunities will there be for the economy and how can we support them?(1:16:25) What are the implications for the construction sector and future house building?(1:19:42) What are the long term implications for the care profession?(1:22:29) How can companies be supported to support recovery?(1:25:40) What does the current situation mean for Brexit?