An action interface manager for ROSPlan

Bezrucav, Stefan-Octavian and Canal, Gerard and Cashmore, Michael and Corves, Burkhard (2021) An action interface manager for ROSPlan. In: The International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling 2021, 2021-08-02 - 2021-08-13, Virtual.

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Task planning and task execution are two high-level robot control modules that often are working with representations of the scenario at different levels of abstraction. Thus, a further mapping module is required to connect the abstract planned actions to the robot-specific algorithms that must be called in order to execute these actions. We present a novel implementation of such a module that allows a user to define this mapping for all actions through a single configuration file. This greatly reduces the amount of effort that is required to integrate an automated planner with a robotic platform. This module has been integrated as an Action Interface of the automated task planning framework ROSPlan, and includes a Graphical User Interface though which the configuration file can be easily generated and updated. The use of the interface is demonstrated in two scenarios: with robot actors possessing only a single action, and a more complex scenario with multiple agents and types of actions.