Deterministic fast scrambling with neutral atom arrays

Hashizume, Tomohiro and Bentsen, Gregory S. and Weber, Sebastian and Daley, Andrew J. (2021) Deterministic fast scrambling with neutral atom arrays. Physical Review Letters, 126 (20). 200603. ISSN 1079-7114 (

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Fast scramblers are dynamical quantum systems that produce many-body entanglement on a timescale that grows logarithmically with the system size N. We propose and investigate a family of deterministic, fast scrambling quantum circuits realizable in near-term experiments with arrays of neutral atoms. We show that three experimental tools - nearest-neighbor Rydberg interactions, global single-qubit rotations, and shuffling operations facilitated by an auxiliary tweezer array - are sufficient to generate nonlocal interaction graphs capable of scrambling quantum information using only O(logN) parallel applications of nearest-neighbor gates. These tools enable direct experimental access to fast scrambling dynamics in a highly controlled and programmable way and can be harnessed to produce highly entangled states with varied applications.