Nonlinear wave surface elevation around array of truncated cylinders

Ren, Xiudi and Tao, Longbin; (2020) Nonlinear wave surface elevation around array of truncated cylinders. In: 30th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference. ISOPE, CHN. ISBN 9781880653845

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With the expansion of offshore development, the application of multi-columns offshore platforms has become more widespread. The slamming on the deck of the platform becomes one of the critical issues relevant to the air gap design. In the present study, a number of factors influencing the surface elevation around array of truncated cylinders are investigated. The influence of the distance between cylinders, wave directions, scatter parameter and wave steepness are examined. Based on the potential theory, the first-order and the second-order surface elevation are calculated, and the nonlinear characteristics of surface elevation around cylinders is discussed. Further investigation of the detailed components of surface elevation revealed that not only the first-order but also the second-order surface elevation component is significant for some particular incident wave frequencies. The near-trapping phenomenon observed from the numerical simulation further demonstrated that the second-order surface elevation is dominated by the strong near-trapping phenomenon of the surface elevation.