Special issue on recent advances in lot sizing

Akartunali, Kerem and dos Santos, Maristela O. and Jans, Raf and de Araujo, Silvio Alexandre (2021) Special issue on recent advances in lot sizing. Pesquisa Operacional, 41 (Specia). e41s101. ISSN 1678-5142 (https://doi.org/10.1590/0101-7438.2021.041s1.0041s...)

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Production planning aims to efficiently plan the production activities as well as the acquisition of the raw materials and resources required to transform raw materials into finished products, in order to meet customer demand in the most economical way possible. The decisions to be made include, but are not limited to, production lot sizes, setup decisions, work force levels and sequencing of production runs, while the ultimate aim is to determine the optimal timing and level of production.