Attenuation characteristics and time delay of PD electromagnetic wave propagation in GIS systems

Zhao, Tao and Judd, Martin and Stewart, Brian G. (2021) Attenuation characteristics and time delay of PD electromagnetic wave propagation in GIS systems. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. ISSN 0885-8977 (

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Modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation inside a gas-insulated switchgear structure can be helpful for understanding and improving the utilization of partial discharge detection by providing information to help determine more optimal positioning of ultra-high frequency sensors. This paper studies the effect of insulating spacers, L- and T-type structures on electromagnetic wave propagation by simulating the time dependent wave propagation behavior for these arrangements within a gas-insulated switchgear busbar geometry. The attenuation characteristics and time delays produced by spacers, L- and T-type structures for partial discharge electromagnetic wave propagation behavior are presented. Emphasis is placed on comparison of attenuation characteristics and time delay between different observation points along the busbar both before and after the 90° bends formed by L- and T-type structures. Moreover, a comparative analysis of the radial electric field at the gas-insulated switchgear tank and its rate of change with time is also conducted. The paper demonstrates that if the location of the ultra-high frequency sensor is chosen appropriately based on knowledge of the physical structures, the attenuation effects introduced by L- and T-type structures could be reduced.