Modern intellectual property law

Colston, C. and Middleton, K. (2005) Modern intellectual property law. Cavendish, London, UK. ISBN 1859418163

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Intellectual property law's influence extends to every aspect of human life. The markings on a can of Coca-cola, the rights in the books, music, pictures, drama, films and electronic information sources we all use, even the shape of our pen, architecture and the science behind the latest attempt on space exploration all form its subject matter. This popular text explains and examines the often complicated law which protects and preserves new ideas and outlines how intellectual property rights allow right owners to stop others taking their creations. The changes in the new edition reflect this rapidly expanding field. This textbook includes: amendments to major decisions from the House of Lords and the European Court of Justice; recent legislation such as the Patents Act 2004; the effect of developments in information technology on copyright and patent principles; recent case law including Kirin-Amgen Inc v Hoechst Marion Roussel Ltd and British Horseracing Board Ltd v William Hill Organisation; the impact of UK, EC and EU competition laws on intellectual property rights; a new chapter devoted to protection for image; new coverage relating to domain names; and an examination of the increasing attention to human rights in intellectual property law. This thoughtful and thought-provoking text is essential reading for any student of intellectual property law. With further reading at the end of each chapter, this book is the ideal introduction to a thorough understanding of intellectual property law