InGaN-diode-pumped AlGaInP VECSEL with sub-kHz linewidth at 689 nm

Moriya, Paulo H. and Casula, Riccardo and Chappell, George A. and Parrotta, Daniele C. and Ranta, Sanna and Kahle, Hermann and Guina, Mircea and Hastie, Jennifer E. (2021) InGaN-diode-pumped AlGaInP VECSEL with sub-kHz linewidth at 689 nm. Optics Express, 29 (3). pp. 3258-3268. ISSN 1094-4087 (

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We report the design, growth, and characterization of an AlGaInP-based VECSEL, designed to be optically-pumped with an inexpensive high power blue InGaN diode laser, for emission around 689 nm. Up to 140 mW output power is achieved in a circularly-symmetric single transverse (TEM00) and single longitudinal mode, tunable from 683 to 693 nm. With intensity stabilization of the pump diode and frequency-stabilization of the VECSEL resonator to a reference cavity via the Pound-Drever-Hall technique, we measure the power spectral density of the VECSEL frequency noise, reporting sub-kHz linewidth at 689 nm. The VECSEL relative intensity noise (RIN) is <-130 dBc/Hz for all frequencies above 100 kHz. This compact laser system is suitable for use in quantum technologies, particularly those based on laser-cooled and trapped strontium atoms.