On-machine focus variation measurement for micro-scale hybrid surface texture machining

Santoso, Teguh and Syam, Wahyudin P. and Darukumalli, Subbareddy and Cai, Yukui and Helmli, Franz and Luo, Xichun and Leach, Richard (2020) On-machine focus variation measurement for micro-scale hybrid surface texture machining. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 109 (9-12). pp. 2353-2364. ISSN 1433-3015 (https://doi.org/10.1007/s00170-020-05767-z)

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Fast and accurate in-line areal surface topography measuring instruments are required to control the quality of microscale manufactured components, without significantly slowing down the production process. Full-field areal optical surface topography measurement instruments are promising for in-line or on-machine measurement applications due to their ability to measure quickly, to access small features and to avoid surface damage. This paper presents the development and integration of a compact optical focus variation sensor for on-machine surface topography measurement mounted on to a hybrid ultraprecision machine tool. The sensor development is described and a case study involving the on-machine dimensional measurement of the depth of hydrophobic microscale features, including microchannels and micro-dimples, is presented. Comparisons of results between the on-machine measurements obtained by the developed sensor and a desktop focus variation microscope are presented and discussed. The comparison results show that the developed focus variation sensor is able to perform on-machine dimensional measurement of microscale features within sub-micrometre accuracy.