High Penetration of Power Electronic Interfaced Power Sources and the Potential Contribution of Grid Forming Converters

Christensen, Peter and Andersen, Gert Karmisholt and Seidel, Matthias and Bolik, Sigrid and Engelken, Sönke and Knueppel, Thyge and Krontiris, Athanasios and Wuerflinger, Klaus and Bülo, Thorsten and Jahn, Jörg and Ndreko, Mario and Salehi, Saeed and Theologitis, Ioannis and Weise, Bernd and Urdal, Helge and Egea Alvarez, Agusti and Roscoe, Andrew J and Fortmann, Jens (2020) High Penetration of Power Electronic Interfaced Power Sources and the Potential Contribution of Grid Forming Converters. European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, Brussels.

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The traditional electrical power system and electricity markets have been designed to work with SGs, and so these have traditionally provided various 'inherent' capabilities to the system critical to ensure the stable operation of the power systems during severe faults and even basic system survival during rare system splits. Due to the potential total absence of SGs approaches during periods of high penetration (HP) of PEIPS infeed, the wider industry has engaged in a closer examination of the lack of these system capabilities [4], [17], [31], [32]. Traditionally, the focus in the context of PEIPS has been on steady state and a limited number of dynamic (faster) aspects recently expanded to include PEIPS contributing fast fault current during system faults and extended contribution to frequency management (although this latter capability has been required from RES for more than 10 years in some countries). Demand side contributions in these contexts are emerging and have significant potential.


Christensen, Peter, Andersen, Gert Karmisholt, Seidel, Matthias, Bolik, Sigrid, Engelken, Sönke, Knueppel, Thyge, Krontiris, Athanasios, Wuerflinger, Klaus, Bülo, Thorsten, Jahn, Jörg, Ndreko, Mario, Salehi, Saeed, Theologitis, Ioannis, Weise, Bernd, Urdal, Helge, Egea Alvarez, Agusti ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1286-6699, Roscoe, Andrew J and Fortmann, Jens;