FEA simulation studies of accelerated aging of power cables in water tanks

Ge, Xufei and Given, Martin and Stewart, Brian G; (2020) FEA simulation studies of accelerated aging of power cables in water tanks. In: 2020 IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC). IEEE, Piscataway, NJ., pp. 465-468. ISBN 9781728154855 (https://doi.org/10.1109/EIC47619.2020.9158746)

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IEEE Standard 1407 provides guidance on accelerated insulation aging experiments on multiple medium voltage (MV) power cables using water-filled tanks. An applied cable current increases the temperature within the water tank and thus provides the accelerated aging conditions for the cables. Understanding the precise nature of the temperature distribution within the water tank and within the cable insulation is important to quantify and calculate the effective aging of the cables. This paper presents initial finite element analysis (FEA) simulation studies that evaluate the temperature distribution within a water filled tank and across submerged power cables when multiple cables are supplied with current. Two scenarios are evaluated and compared, namely the temperature profiles of cables when the water in the tank is treated (a) as a solid material, and (b) as a fluid with natural convection. The importance of applying effective water circulation mechanisms are also highlighted.