Organic polariton lasing and the weak to strong coupling crossover

Strashko, Artem and Kirton, Peter and Keeling, Jonathan (2018) Organic polariton lasing and the weak to strong coupling crossover. Physical Review Letters, 121 (19). 193601. ISSN 1079-7114 (

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Following experimental realizations of room temperature polariton lasing with organic molecules, we present a microscopic model that allows us to explore the crossover from weak to strong matter-light coupling. We consider a nonequilibrium Dicke-Holstein model, including both strong coupling to vibrational modes and strong matter-light coupling, providing the phase diagram of this model in the thermodynamic limit. We discuss the mechanism of polariton lasing, uncovering a process of self-tuning, and identify the relation and distinction between regular dye lasers and organic polariton lasers.