Metabolomic tools used in marine natural product drug discovery

Stuart, Kevin Andrew and Welsh, Keira and Walker, Molly Clare and Edrada-Ebel, RuAngelie (2020) Metabolomic tools used in marine natural product drug discovery. Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, 15 (4). pp. 499-522. ISSN 1746-0441 (

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Introduction: The marine environment is a very promising resource for natural product research, with many of these reaching the market as new drugs, especially in the field of cancer therapy as well as the drug discovery pipeline for new antimicrobials. Exploitation for bioactive marine compounds with unique structures and novel bioactivity such as the isoquinoline alkaloid; trabectedin, the polyether macrolide; halichondrin B, and the peptide; dolastatin 10, requires the use of analytical techniques, which can generate unbiased, quantitative and qualitative data to benefit the biodiscovery process. Metabolomics has shown to bridge this understanding and facilitate the development of new potential drugs from marine sources and particularly their microbial symbionts.Areas covered: In this review, articles on applied secondary metabolomics ranging from 1990-2018 as well as to the last quarter of 2019 were probed to investigate the impact of metabolomics on drug discovery for new antibiotics and cancer treatment.Expert opinion: The current literature review highlighted the effectiveness ofmetabolomics in the study of targeting biologically active secondary metabolites from marine sources for optimized discovery of potential new natural products to be made accessible to a R&D pipeline.