Power quality issues of smart microgrids : applied techniques and decision making analysis

Naderi, Yahya; Abdel Aleem, Shady H.E. and Abdelaziz, Almoataz Youssef and Zobaa, Ahmed F. and Bansal, Ramesh, eds. (2019) Power quality issues of smart microgrids : applied techniques and decision making analysis. In: Decision Making Applications in Modern Power Systems. Academic Press, London, pp. 89-119. ISBN 9780128164457

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With the changing nature of electrical systems from conventional electrical systems to smart electrical systems, several aspects should be considered and adapted with the new conditions, one of the most important characteristics of electrical systems, is the power quality concept. There has been much effort on designing devices to improve power quality, but due to changes in the nature of loads, new challenges that modern devices bring to electrical systems, increasing awareness of customers and increasing cost of power quality improvement devices, there should be a revision on the power quality aspects of future smart electrical systems. This would include implementation of new tools, taking into account the new challenges and deployment of new energy sources. In this chapter, a brief history of power quality improvement devices has been presented besides introducing the new tools and challenges of smartgrids, then much focus is dedicated to the “transient conditions of power quality issue” as a bridge to progress to the new generation of PQI devices.


Naderi, Yahya ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1817-8117; Abdel Aleem, Shady H.E., Abdelaziz, Almoataz Youssef, Zobaa, Ahmed F. and Bansal, Ramesh