LED-based photometric stereo-imaging employing frequency-division multiple access

Herrnsdorf, Johannes and McKendry, Jonathan and Stonehouse, Mark and Broadbent, Laurence and Wright, Glynn C. and Dawson, Martin D. and Strain, Michael J.; (2018) LED-based photometric stereo-imaging employing frequency-division multiple access. In: 31st IEEE Photonics Conference, IPC 2018. IEEE, USA. ISBN 9781538653586

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    Among the many techniques developed for 3D imaging, photometric stereo-imaging excels through the simplicity of the hardware required. It can be used stand-alone or in fusion with other 3D imaging techniques for applications such as 3D scanners, face recognition or surveillance applications [1], [2][2], [3][3], [4][4], [5]. In photometric stereo-imaging, the subject is illuminated by different light sources from different angles, and the surface shades created by each light source allow reconstruction of 3D information.

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