Coherent control of addressable Rydberg atoms for hybrid quantum information processing

Picken, C. J. and Legaie, R. and McDonnell, K. and Pritchard, J. D. (2018) Coherent control of addressable Rydberg atoms for hybrid quantum information processing. In: 26th International Conference on Atomic Physics, 2018-07-22 - 2018-07-27.

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Neutral atoms provide an excellent resource for quantum information processing, combining the long atomic coherence times of the hyperfine ground-state with strong dipole-dipole interactions of highly excited Rydberg states for generating deterministic entanglement between qubits separated by < 10 µm [1]. Scalable long-range interactions can be obtained by coupling the atomic array to a superconducting microwave cavity enabling hybrid quantum information processing where the cavity-mediated entanglement allows atoms to be coupled over cm length scales. We present the first steps towards such an experiment incorporating high fidelity readout using an sCMOS camera [2] and the ability to drive fast, optically addressable rotations of the hyperfine-encoded qubits to the Rydberg state. Using our sub-kHz cavitystabilised laser system [3] we demonstrate coherent control of single Rydberg atoms, performing Ramsey spectroscopy to determine coherence time and to generate entanglement between a pair of atoms separated by 6 µm. Combining this excitation scheme with our ground-state Raman lasers we show progress towards the implementation of a mesoscopic Rydberg gate based on electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) offering robust entanglement of multi-atom ensembles [4].