Generalized small-signal modelling of dual active bridge DC/DC converter

Hebala, Osama M. and Aboushady, Ahmed A. and Ahmed, Khaled H. and Burgess, Sam and Prabhu, Radhakrishna; (2018) Generalized small-signal modelling of dual active bridge DC/DC converter. In: 7th International IEEE Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications, ICRERA 2018. IEEE, FRA, pp. 914-919. ISBN 9781538659823

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    this paper presents a novel generalised approach of the small-signal modelling of dual active bridge (DAB) DC/DC converter. The adopted analysis is based on a per-unit fundamental frequency representation of the DAB. The outcome of the proposed modelling approach is a small signal, linearised, state-space DAB model; which is considered as a main building block for future control applications. The developed small signal DAB model includes all possible degrees of freedom affecting the performance of the DAB; this includes the voltage conversion ratio to allow the study of all DAB operation modes (i.e.: unity-gain and buck/boost modes.). Furthermore, since triple phase shift control (TPS) is used in this development work, the proposed model incorporates phase shift in addition to duty ratios. This feature allows for bridge voltage regulation, which is essential for efficient DAB operation in the case of buck/boost operation. Another key achievement is that the proposed small signal modelling methodology can be applied to any bidirectional DC-DC converter regardless of ratings, parameter values and number of ports. Extensive simulation is carried out to verify the proposed analysis.