Apparatus for investigating non-linear microwave interactions in magnetised plasma

Ronald, K. and Phelps, A.D.R. and Cairns, R.A. and Bingham, R. and Eliasson, B. and Koepke, M.E. and Cross, A.W. and Speirs, D.C. and Robertson, C. W. and Whyte, C.G.; Coda, S. and Lapenta, G. and Michaut, C. and Berndt, J. and Mantsinen, M. and Weber, S., eds. (2018) Apparatus for investigating non-linear microwave interactions in magnetised plasma. In: 45th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS 2018). European Physical Society (EPS), CZE, pp. 961-964. ISBN 9781510868441

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Plasma, as a non-linear medium supporting a rich and diverse range of electromagnetic and electrostatic oscillations, can enable a range of multi-wave interactions when excited by multiple injected propagating electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic wave injection plays a dominant role in the introduction of energy in laser plasma interactions and in the heating of magnetically confined fusion reactors. In magnetically confined plasma, the EM waves tend to fall in the RF to microwave range, whilst in laser plasma interactions the signals are typically near the optical part of the spectrum.