Alignment of solid targets under extreme tight focus conditions generated by an ellipsoidal plasma mirror

Kumar, Deepak and Šmíd, Michal and Singh, Sushil and Soloviev, Alexander and Bohlin, Hannes and Burdonov, Konstantin and Fente, Gashaw and Kotov, Alexander and Lancia, Livia and Lédl, Vit and Makarov, Sergey and Morrissey, Michael and Perevalov, Sergey and Romanovsky, Denis and Pikuz, Sergey and Kodama, Ryousuke and Neely, David and McKenna, Paul and Laštovička, Tomáš and Starodubtsev, Mikhail and Weber, Stefan and Nakatsutsumi, Motoaki and Fuchs, Julien (2018) Alignment of solid targets under extreme tight focus conditions generated by an ellipsoidal plasma mirror. Matter and Radiation at Extremes. ISSN 2468-080X (In Press)

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    The design of ellipsoidal plasma mirrors (EPM) for the PEARL laser facility is presented. The EPM achieved a magnification of 0.32 in the focal spot size and the corresponding increase in focused intensity is expected to be ∼ 8. Designing and implementing such focusing optics for short pulse (< 100 fs) systems paves the way for their use in future high power facilities where they can be used to achieve intensities beyond 1023 W/cm2 . A retro-imaging based target alignment system is also described, which is used to align solid targets at the output of the ellispoidal mirrors (numerical aperture of 0.75 in this case).

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    Kumar, Deepak, Šmíd, Michal, Singh, Sushil, Soloviev, Alexander, Bohlin, Hannes, Burdonov, Konstantin, Fente, Gashaw, Kotov, Alexander, Lancia, Livia, Lédl, Vit, Makarov, Sergey, Morrissey, Michael, Perevalov, Sergey, Romanovsky, Denis, Pikuz, Sergey, Kodama, Ryousuke, Neely, David, McKenna, Paul ORCID logoORCID:, Laštovička, Tomáš, Starodubtsev, Mikhail, Weber, Stefan, Nakatsutsumi, Motoaki and Fuchs, Julien;