Benny Farm - Simulation of the Hybrid Solar-GCHP-Boiler System

Kummert, M. and Bernier, M. (2006) Benny Farm - Simulation of the Hybrid Solar-GCHP-Boiler System. Other. IBPSA.

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This urban, landscape and architectural project (Greening the Infrastructure of Benny Farm) proposes an unprecedented integration of buildings, infrastructure and community-driven housing development. This project guides the sustainable construction and renovation of 187 units on four properties, and links each with a shared green infrastructure. A non-profit, community-run utility company will oversee the ownership, management and continual re-investment in sustainable construction for this common energy, water and waste infrastructure. Developed by grassroots stakeholders and designed to expand in phases, the project provides a protocol for construction that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, potable water use, the management of waste water, and the production of solid waste through retrofitting, reuse and waste diversion.