Methods of sterilization and contraception in mammals

Ferro, Valerie A. and Sliwowska, Joanna H. and Al-Qaraghuli, Mohammed and Alsaadi, Manal; Skinner, Michael K., ed. (2018) Methods of sterilization and contraception in mammals. In: Encyclopedia of Reproduction. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 802-811. ISBN 9780128151457 (

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This article examines a range of sterilization methods used in male and female mammals. It includes permanent surgical methods and the desire for reversible and non-surgical methods, depending on the type of animal (human, companion, farm, pest, wild). Steroidal and non-steroidal products are considered, as well as developments in hormonal and gamete-based immunocastration. Recent targets are described and indicate that this field is still very active.