Fluid computational model for mineral and vegetal pigments diffusing in Chinese color-ink painting

Sun, Meijun and Zhou, Ziqi and Wang, Zheng and Ren, Jinchang and Han, Yahong (2018) Fluid computational model for mineral and vegetal pigments diffusing in Chinese color-ink painting. In: ACM SIGGRAPH Sypmposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2018-05-15 - 2018-05-18.

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In this paper, simulation of artistic vegetable and mineral pigments diffusing effects of Chinese color-ink painting is presented, using a novel physical model according to the Second Fick's diffusing law and Brownian motion theory. Due to the fact that generation of most art effects depends on complicated pigment-water motion simulation such as diffusing and pigment mixing on and under traditional fabric cotton paper (Xuan paper) surface, the proposed model is found effective for simulating the pigment-water motion in art creating process. Implemented on the GPU, the simulation operations in our system can be accomplished in a real-time manner. The effectiveness of the proposed techniques is validated in our developed Digital Painting System, where various art effects can be successfully re-produced including the Initial area-Darkened initial edge-Diffusion area Lightened diffusion edge (IDDL) effect for vegetable pigments, the Initial area-Darkened initial edge-Diffusion area-Darkened diffusion edge (IDDD) effect for mineral pigments, and multistroke superimposing effects and achieves. In addition, quantitative evaluation is also introduced and shows superior performance of the proposed model in comparison with state-of-the-art techniques.