Multiscale modelling of hybrid machining processes

Zeng, Quanren and Qin, Yi; Luo, Xichun and Qin, Yi, eds. (2018) Multiscale modelling of hybrid machining processes. In: Hybrid Machining. Academic Press, London, pp. 269-298. ISBN 9780128130599 (

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The fundamentals of multiscale modeling, e.g., its concept, definition and categories, are reviewed and summarized in this chapter. Different multiscale modeling approaches or techniques, such as sequential multiscale modeling and concurrent multiscale modeling are introduced. Then, the modeling for assisted hybrid machining processes, especially for the laser-assisted machining (LAM), are illustrated. A case study for the modeling of LAM is also analyzed and discussed in detail. The chapter concludes with the future possibility and prospect of making use of multiscale modeling techniques to facilitate investigation into the hybrid machining processes or process chain.