Delphi technique

Mckiernan, Peter; Clegg, Stewart R. and Bailey, James R., eds. (2007) Delphi technique. In: International Encyclopaedia of Organisation Studies. Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA, pp. 375-378. ISBN 978-1-4129-1515-1

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The Delphi Method is designed to elicit opinion and counter opinion from a group of experts in order to inform better the decision making process. These experts may be geographically dispersed. Traditionally, information is captured through the use of questionnaires and their analysis is fed back to the experts in an unattributed manner through a continuous loop system until the group converges on a common opinion. The approach is valuable when decisions have to be made in highly charged domains e.g., politics, education, or when actions may have severe outcomes e.g., thermonuclear warfare.