Trie compression for GPU accelerated multi-pattern matching

Bellekens, Xavier and Seeam, Amar and Tachtatzis, Christos and Atkinson, Robert (2017) Trie compression for GPU accelerated multi-pattern matching. In: International Conferences on Pervasive Patterns and Applications, 2017-02-19 - 2017-02-23.

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Graphics Processing Units allow for running massively parallel applications offloading the CPU from computationally intensive resources, however GPUs have a limited amount of memory. In this paper a trie compression algorithm for massively parallel pattern matching is presented demonstrating 85% less space requirements than the original highly efficient parallel failure-less aho-corasick, whilst demonstrating over 22 Gbps throughput. The algorithm presented takes advantage of compressed row storage matrices as well as shared and texture memory on the GPU.