Effect of strain hardening on precipitation kinetics in ATI 718Plus

Hassan, Bilal and Jansen, Yann and Nouveau, Sebastien and Corney, Jonathan (2017) Effect of strain hardening on precipitation kinetics in ATI 718Plus. Materials Science Forum, 907. pp. 167-172. ISSN 1662-9760 (https://doi.org/10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.907...)

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ATI 718Plus components are manufactured by forging a wrought billet in stages to obtain the desired geometry and microstructure. Parts are then heat treated to optimized proportions of γ’ and η phases. η phase is a plate-like phase that precipitates on the grain boundaries of ATI 718Plus, similar to δ phase in Inconel 718. However, the complete kinetic behaviour of η phase precipitation during forging and heat treatment is still not fully understood. This paper investigates the effects of strain hardening on η phase precipitation kinetics in ATI 718Plus. This is achieved through the use of isothermal hot compression tests and heat treatment. Strain hardening was found to affect the η precipitation kinetics considerably. The results reported are a contribution to a fuller understanding of this important process.