Orientational ordering of nanorods in diblock copolymers

Osipov, M. A. and Ushakova, A. S. and Gorkunov, M. V. (2017) Orientational ordering of nanorods in diblock copolymers. Liquid Crystals, 44 (12-13). pp. 1861-1869. ISSN 0267-8292 (https://doi.org/10.1080/02678292.2017.1346826)

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Orientational ordering of rod-like nanoparticles in the lamellae phase of diblock copolymers has been considered theoretically using the model of a nanoparticle with two interaction centres. It has been shown that strongly anisotropic nanoparticles order spontaneously in the boundary region between the blocks where the orientational order is induced by the interface and by the interaction with monomer units in different blocks. The nematic order parameter possesses opposite signs in adjacent blocks which means that the nanorods are aligned parallel or perpendicular to the boundary between the blocks on different sides of their interface. Concentration and nematic order parameter profiles have been calculated numerically for different values of the nanoparticle length and compared with the results of recent computer simulations and with the results of the previous molecular theory based on nanoparticles of spherical shape.