Semiclassical fluid model of nonlinear plasmons in doped graphene

Eliasson, Bengt and Liu, Chuan Sheng (2018) Semiclassical fluid model of nonlinear plasmons in doped graphene. Physics of Plasmas, 25 (1). 012105. ISSN 1070-664X (

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A nonlinear fluid model of high-frequency plasmons in doped graphene is derived by taking fluid moments of the semi-classical kinetic equation for the electron gas. As a closure of the fluid moments, adiabatic compression is assumed with a given form of the distribution function, combined with an exact linear response based on the linearized Vlasov-Poisson system. In the linear regime, the model is in the long wavelength limit consistent with previous results using the random phase approximation for a two-dimensional electron gas, while it neglects the short-range interactions between massless Dirac fermions. The fluid model may be used to study non-linear plasmonic wave mixing and optical coupling to lasers in graphene.