Using the TIMES model in energy efficiency policy analysis

Calvillo, Christian (2017) Using the TIMES model in energy efficiency policy analysis. ClimateXChange, Edinburgh. (

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Decision makers rely on models to assist them in taking the right decision on complex issues. The Scottish Government is using the TIMES model to inform the Scottish Climate Change plan (Scottish Government, 2017a) and the Scottish Energy Strategy (Scottish Government, 2017b). TIMES is an energy system model, which is typically used for the exploration of possible energy futures based on contrasted scenarios (Loulou et al., 2005). It’s a well-known modelling tool, with many national and regional versions in the world ("IEA-ETSAP | Energy Systems Analysis Applications," 2017). In the Scottish context, TIMES is used to find the least cost energy system under the ambitious decarbonisation scenarios in Scotland. In other words, TIMES shows what the Scottish energy system would look like (the energy mix, technologies and required investments) if the decarbonisation targets for 2050 (set in the climate change plan) are to be achieved.