Preliminary characterization of metal-packaged fiber Bragg gratings under fatigue loading

Fusiek, Grzegorz and Rubert, Tim and Niewczas, Pawel and McAlorum, Jack and Perry, Marcus; (2017) Preliminary characterization of metal-packaged fiber Bragg gratings under fatigue loading. In: 2017 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC). IEEE, ITA. ISBN 9781509035960 (

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This paper presents preliminary results for metal-packaged fiber Bragg grating strain and temperature sensors designed specifically for structural health monitoring in civil engineering applications. The laboratory experiments show that the in-house manufactured metal-packaged sensors are sufficiently resilient, under dynamic loading, to successfully undergo a million cycle fatigue test without adverse deterioration in performance. In addition, from the thermal characterization of the devices, a conclusion can be drawn that the metal-packaged sensors offer superior performance over sensors assembled using epoxy bonding. These early results are very promising, inspiring confidence in the adopted methodologies, and giving the mandate to proceed with more detailed laboratory testing to evaluate reliability and lifetime of the transducers in the future work.