Forecasting the impact of CCGT-CCS on the UK's electricity market by LCOE

Luan, Tianxiang and Lo, Kwoklun and Lu, Jianfeng (2017) Forecasting the impact of CCGT-CCS on the UK's electricity market by LCOE. Energy and Power Engineering, 9 (4B). pp. 198-203. 75263. ISSN 1949-243X (

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To achieve the target for building a low-carbon economy, the UK will have to build more low-carbon power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation. However, renewable energy is difficult to meet the in-creasing energy demand and keep lights on. This limitation of renewable could be solved by coal and gas-fired power station fitted with carbon capture storage (CCS) technology. CCS technology could capture up to 90% of carbon dioxide from emissions and allow fossil fuel power station to provide conti-nuous low-carbon electricity power. This paper presents the levelised cost of electricity of CCGT with CCS and compared with renewable technology to forecast the impact of CCGT with CCS on the UK’s electricity market.


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