Local broadcasting of quantum correlations

Piani, Marco; Fernandes Fanchini, Felipe and de Oliveira Soares Pinto, Diogo and Adesso, Gerardo, eds. (2017) Local broadcasting of quantum correlations. In: Lectures on General Quantum Correlations and their Applications. Quantum Science and Technology . Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Switzerland. (In Press)

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Operations that are trivial in the classical world, like accessing information without introducing any change or disturbance, or like copying information, become non-trivial in the quantum world. In this note we discuss several limitations in the local redistributing correlations, when it comes to dealing with bipartite quantum states. In particular, we focus on the task of local broadcasting, by discussing relevant no-go theorems, and by quantifying the non-classicality of correlations in terms of the degree to which local broadcasting is possible in an approximate fashion.