Pathways to citizenship : performing neoliberal subjectivity through migration

Polkowski, Radosław; Mrozowicki, Adam and Kolasińska, Elżbieta and Róg-Ilnicka, Joanna, eds. (2015) Pathways to citizenship : performing neoliberal subjectivity through migration. In: Social boundaries and meanings of work in the 21st-century capitalism. Forum Socjologiczne . Wroclaw University Press, pp. 255-267. ISBN 9788322934968

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In contributing to the debate about the effects of neoliberalism in post-socialist countries on East– West migration, the paper suggests that not only neoliberal policies, but also accompanying them emergent ideal of a neoliberal citizen, has influenced different aspects of these migrations. It looks at a category of Polish migrants in the UK for whom work abroad is a pursuit of inclusion in a community of value built around this ideal. In this way, the article reveals a new dimension to the role of the sending country and how its economy and ideologies shape and affect migrants’ choices and practices.


Polkowski, Radosław ORCID logoORCID:; Mrozowicki, Adam, Kolasińska, Elżbieta and Róg-Ilnicka, Joanna