Влияние криогенной прокатки на микроструктуру и механические свойства меди

Konkova, Tatyana and Mironov, S. and Korznikov, A. (2009) Влияние криогенной прокатки на микроструктуру и механические свойства меди. Упрочняющие технологии и покрытия (9). pp. 40-47. ISSN 1813-1336 (http://www.mashin.ru/files/el.versiya/uprochnyayuw...)

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The effect of cryogenic rolling on the structure and mechanical properties of copper was studied. The grain structure evolution was shown to be mainly governed by the geometrical effect of the imposed strain whereas the contribution of the mechanical twinning and grain subdivision was found to be not significant. The analysis of the developed texture demonstrated that the plastic flow arises mainly from conventional {111}<110> slip. The cryogenic rolling was shown to increase strength and decrease ductility and both effects might be attributed to the substructure.


Konkova, Tatyana ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7495-7495, Mironov, S. and Korznikov, A.;