Plasma closing switches

Mermigkas, Athanasios and Timoshkin, Igor and Given, Martin (2010) Plasma closing switches. Masters thesis, University Of Strathclyde.

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The 19900 Individual MSc project is a direct continuation of the EE928 Case study, thus objectives are already set and most theoretical parts of the work conducted has been already discussed. However, it was deemed necessary to include some of these chapters, in much more detail thought, as a way to justify the course taken in the experimental work and also as an introduction to the project report, so as not to have as prerequisite the study of the case study report. As a consequence, the first two chapters, namely 3 and 4 , placed after a brief introduction and the contents page, make a detailed description about pulsed power in general, both from historical and application perspective, and explain some basic physical processes occurring in plasma switches, namely the corona effect and the spark discharge. In the 5th chapter a description of the experiments conducted, the topologies under test, together with the experimental results are presented in detail. Important information extracted from the experiments is combined in the 6th chapter in order to propose an analytical model, based on which the design of corona stabilised plasma closing switches can be performed. Finally, in the conclusions and discussion section, the main project points and some important experimental results are summarised, and some possible future continuation of the work done is presented. The report ends with the bibliography section in ISO 690 format.