The conceptual design of CLARA, a novel fel test facility for ultra-short pulse generation

Clarke, J. A. and Angal-Kalinin, D. and Bliss, N. and Buckley, R. and Buckley, S. and Cash, R. and Corlett, P. and Cowie, L. and Cox, G. and Diakun, G. P. and Dunning, D. J. and Fell, B. D. and Gallagher, A. and Goudket, P. and Goulden, A. R. and Holland, D. M P and Jamison, S. P. and Jones, J. K. and Kalinin, A. S. and Liggins, B. P M and Ma, L. and Marinov, K. B. and Martlew, B. and McIntosh, P. A. and McKenzie, J. W. and Middleman, K. J. and Militsyn, B. L. and Moss, A. J. and Muratori, B. D. and Roper, M. D. and Santer, R. and Saveliev, Y. and Snedden, E. and Smith, R. J. and Smith, S. L. and Surman, M. and Thakker, T. and Thompson, N. R. and Valizadeh, R. and Wheelhouse, A. E. and Williams, P. H. and Bartolini, R. and Martin, I. and Barlow, R. and Kolano, A. and Burt, G. and Chattopadhyay, S. and Newton, D. and Wolski, A. and Appleby, R. B. and Owen, H. L. and Serluca, M. and Xia, G. and Boogert, S. and Lyapin, A. and Campbell, L. and McNeil, B. W J and Paramonov, V. V.; Scholl, Caitlin and Schaa, Volker RW, eds. (2013) The conceptual design of CLARA, a novel fel test facility for ultra-short pulse generation. In: FEL 2013. JACoW, USA, pp. 496-501. ISBN 9783954501267 (

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CLARA will be a novel FEL test facility focussed on the generation of ultra-short photon pulses with extreme levels of stability and synchronisation. The principal aim is to experimentally demonstrate that sub-cooperation length pulse generation with FELs is viable, and to compare the various schemes being championed. The results will translate directly to existing and future X-ray FELs, enabling them to generate attosecond pulses, thereby extending their science capabilities. This paper gives an overview of the motivation for CLARA, describes the facility design (reported in detail in the recently published Conceptual Design Report [1]) and proposed operating modes and summarises the proposed areas of FEL research.


Clarke, J. A., Angal-Kalinin, D., Bliss, N., Buckley, R., Buckley, S., Cash, R., Corlett, P., Cowie, L., Cox, G., Diakun, G. P., Dunning, D. J., Fell, B. D., Gallagher, A., Goudket, P., Goulden, A. R., Holland, D. M P, Jamison, S. P., Jones, J. K., Kalinin, A. S., Liggins, B. P M, Ma, L., Marinov, K. B., Martlew, B., McIntosh, P. A., McKenzie, J. W., Middleman, K. J., Militsyn, B. L., Moss, A. J., Muratori, B. D., Roper, M. D., Santer, R., Saveliev, Y., Snedden, E., Smith, R. J., Smith, S. L., Surman, M., Thakker, T., Thompson, N. R., Valizadeh, R., Wheelhouse, A. E., Williams, P. H., Bartolini, R., Martin, I., Barlow, R., Kolano, A., Burt, G., Chattopadhyay, S., Newton, D., Wolski, A., Appleby, R. B., Owen, H. L., Serluca, M., Xia, G., Boogert, S., Lyapin, A., Campbell, L. ORCID logoORCID:, McNeil, B. W J ORCID logoORCID: and Paramonov, V. V.; Scholl, Caitlin and Schaa, Volker RW