Design of LNG storage and feeding system for an open type ferry

Theotokatos, G. and Livanos, G.A. and Dimitrellou, S. and Strantzali, E. and Pagonis, D.N. and Politis, K. and Theodoulides, A. and Peirounakis, D. and Mizithras, P.; Soares, C. Guedes and Dejhalla, R. and Pavletić, D., eds. (2015) Design of LNG storage and feeding system for an open type ferry. In: Towards Green Marine Technology and Transport. CRC Press/Balkema, HRV, pp. 473-481. ISBN 9781138028876 (

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The paper focuses on the conversion and in specific on the design of the LNG system of a double-ended open type ferry operating at short distance routes in the area of east Mediterranean Sea to accommodate the LNG fuel operation. The design of the LNG storage and feeding system was carried out based on a compilation of relevant regulations from various resources. The selection of main system components along with their characteristics and basic functionality are presented and discussed. In addition the coupled heat transfer and structural analysis of the LNG piping operating at cryogenic temperature levels was performed and its results are analysed, providing insight to the involved processes. Finally, the CFD analysis of the required evaporator unit was carried out and the results are presented for delineating the physical phenomena occurring in this component.