Tunable Electron Multibunch Production in Plasma Wakefield Accelerators

Hidding, Bernhard and Karger, O. and Wittig, G. and Aniculaesei, C. and Jaroszynski, D. and McNeil, B.W.J. and Campbell, L.T. and Islam, M.R. and Ersfeld, B. and Sheng, Z.-M. and Deng, A. and Rosenzweig, J.B. and Andonian, G. and Murokh, A. and Hogan, M.J. and Bruhwiler, D.L. and Cormier, E. (2014) Tunable Electron Multibunch Production in Plasma Wakefield Accelerators. Preprint / Working Paper. arXiv.org. (http://arxiv.org/abs/1403.1109)

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Synchronized, independently tunable and focused μJ-class laser pulses are used to release multiple electron populations via photo-ionization inside an electron-beam driven plasma wave. By varying the laser foci in the laboratory frame and the position of the underdense photocathodes in the co-moving frame, the delays between the produced bunches and their energies are adjusted. The resulting multibunches have ultra-high quality and brightness, allowing for hitherto impossible bunch configurations such as spatially overlapping bunch populations with strictly separated energies, which opens up a new regime for light sources such as free-electron-lasers.