A vision for building performance simulation : a position paper prepared on behalf of the IBPSA Board

Clarke, Joseph Andrew (2015) A vision for building performance simulation : a position paper prepared on behalf of the IBPSA Board. Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 8 (2). pp. 39-43. ISSN 1940-1493 (https://doi.org/10.1080/19401493.2015.1007699)

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The IBPSA organisation (www.ibpsa.org) was inaugurated in the mid-80s to support the evolution of Building Performance Simulation (BPS) by providing forums for discussion of the issues relating to the development, testing and application of tools. Over the intervening years the organisation has evolved into a unique grouping of disciplines – architects, engineers of all types, computer scientists, facilities managers, policy-makers and academics – each bringing particular insights into the needs and prospects for a computational approach to building design and operation. Significantly, the organisation has the ability through its regional structure to act globally while responding to local need: at the present time the IBPSA network comprises 28 national affiliates, with additional affiliates in the process of formation. The work of IBPSA is pursued through national and international conferences, various publication activities (most notably this journal), and initiatives to support student development. Sub-committees are also established to address particular issues and one such committee, the Futures Committee, has been charged to elaborate a vision for BPS in order to encourage task-sharing developments and provide a benchmark against which progress can be measured. This paper presents this vision, which has been contributed to and endorsed by the IBPSA Board and some members and may therefore be considered to represent the official view of the organisation. The purpose of the paper is threefold: 1) to elicit general feedback from those involved in the development or application of BPS in order to ensure that the vision statement is generally acceptable and complete #; 2) to stimulate a discussion on where and how IBPSA might resource specific developments; and 3) provide a community statement of intent that may be used by individuals and organisations as the context justification for specific project proposals.