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Corrigendum to “Instrumentation for diagnostics and control of laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams“ [Phys Med 30 (2014) 255-270]

Bolton, P. R. and Borghesi, M. and Brenner, C. and Carroll, D. C. and De Martinis, C. and Fiorini, F. and Flacco, A. and Floquet, V. and Fuchs, J. and Gallegos, P. and Giove, D. and Green, J. S. and Green, S. and Jones, B. and Kirby, D. and McKenna, P. and Neely, D. and Nuesslin, F. and Prasad, R. and Reinhardt, S. and Roth, M. and Schramm, U. and Scott, G.G. and Ter-Avetisyan, S. and Tolley, M. and Turchetti, G. and Wilkens, J. J. (2015) Corrigendum to “Instrumentation for diagnostics and control of laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams“ [Phys Med 30 (2014) 255-270]. Physica Medica, 31 (1). p. 117. ISSN 1120-1797

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Due to an error in the manuscript submission process Dr. Francesca Fiorini of the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology was not included in the list of authors of the published work entitled “Instrumentation for diagnostics and control of laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams”. We deeply regret the occurrence and inconvenience of this error. This corrigendum is our published correction to the erroneous omission in which we include Dr. F. Fiorini as a listed author of this work. The correct complete list of the authors of the paper, “Instrumentation for diagnostics and control of laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams” (Phys Med 2014; 30: 255–270) is the following: P.R. Bolton, M. Borghesi, C. Brenner, D.C. Carroll, C. De Martinis, F. Fiorini, A. Flacco, V. Floquet, J. Fuchs, P. Gallegos, D. Giove, J. S. Green, S. Green, B. Jones, D. Kirby, P. McKenna, D. Neely, F. Nuesslin, R. Prasad, S. Reinhardt, M. Roth, U. Schramm, G.G. Scott, S. Ter-Avetisyan, M. Tolley, G. Turchetti, and J.J. Wilkens