Three-dimensional temperature profiling of oxy-gas burner flames

Hossain, Md Moinul and Lu, Gang and Li, Xinli and Yan, Yong; (2013) Three-dimensional temperature profiling of oxy-gas burner flames. In: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST 2013) Proceedings. IEEE, CHN, pp. 91-94. ISBN 9781467357906 (

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This paper presents the three-dimensional temperature measurement of an oxy-gas burner flame based on optical tomographic and two-color techniques. Eight two-dimensional (2-D) image projections of the flame are obtained concurrently by multiple imaging fiber bundles and imaging sensors. The LFBP (Logical Filtered Back-Projection) algorithm combined the SART (Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique) is utilized to reconstruct the gray-level intensity of the flame based on its 2-D images. The flame temperature distribution is then determined using the reconstructed gray-levels through the two-color pyrometry. Experiments were undertaken under different oxy-fuel conditions. The results show that the flame temperature increases with the O2 concentration and that the temperature distribution of the oxy-fuel flame is more uniform at the root region than that at other regions.