Improved form navigation on mobile devices

El Batran, Karim and Dunlop, Mark (2014) Improved form navigation on mobile devices. In: 6th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), 2014-03-26. (

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In this paper a study was done regarding improving form control and navigation on mobile devices. An observational study of census counters for the Egyptian Agricultural Survey was conducted. This country-wide survey is currently conducted by professional counters using large (100×35 cm double sided) complex paper forms that require manual transcription. Computerization would be beneficial in terms of accuracy and duplication of effort. However there are considerable challenges in reducing the size of the forms to fit mobile devices. Furthermore counters typically have low technological experience. Based on our observations we developed two prototypes: one using traditional form tabs, the other pan-and-zooming. Results from initial user tests showed the pan-and-zoom interface was both faster and had a lower perceived effort.