Sensors and actuators for the advanced LIGO mirror suspensions

Carbone, L. and Aston, S. M. and Cutler, R. M. and Freise, A. and Greenhalgh, J. and Heefner, J. and Hoyland, D. and Lockerbie, N. A. and Lodhia, D. and Robertson, N. A. and Speake, C. C. and Strain, K. A. and Vecchio, A., LIGO Scientific Collaboration (2012) Sensors and actuators for the advanced LIGO mirror suspensions. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 29 (11). 115005. ISSN 0264-9381 (

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We have developed, produced and characterized integrated sensors, actuators and the related read-out and drive electronics that will be used for the control of the Advanced LIGO suspensions. The overall system consists of the BOSEMs (a displacement sensor with an integrated electromagnetic actuator), the satellite boxes (the BOSEM readout and interface electronics) and six different types of coil-driver units. In this paper, we present the design of this read-out and control system, we discuss the related performance relevant for the Advanced LIGO suspensions, and we report on the experimental activity finalized at the production of the instruments for the Advanced LIGO detectors.