Some open problems on permutation patterns

Steingrimsson, Einar; Blackburn, Simon R. and Gerke, Stefanie and Wildon, Mark, eds. (2013) Some open problems on permutation patterns. In: Surveys in Combinatorics 2013. London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series . Cambridge University Press, pp. 239-263. ISBN 9781107651951

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This is a brief survey of some open problems on permutation patterns, with an emphasis on subjects not covered in the recent book by Kitaev, \emph{Patterns in Permutations and words}. I first survey recent developments on the enumeration and asymptotics of the pattern 1324, the last pattern of length 4 whose asymptotic growth is unknown, and related issues such as upper bounds for the number of avoiders of any pattern of length k for any given k. Other subjects treated are the M\"obius function, topological properties and other algebraic aspects of the poset of permutations, ordered by containment, and also the study of growth rates of permutation classes.