ToF-SIMS PC-DFA analysis of prostate cancer cell lines

Baker, M. J. and Gazi, E. and Brown, M. D. and Clarke, N. W. and Vickerman, J. C. and Lockyer, N. P. (2008) ToF-SIMS PC-DFA analysis of prostate cancer cell lines. Applied Surface Science, 255 (4). pp. 1084-1087. ISSN 0169-4332

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Three closely related cancer cell lines have been analysed with ToF-SIMS using a C60+ primary ion beam. Principal component-discriminant function analysis (PC-DFA) has been applied for spectral classification. Various spectral pre-processing methods are discussed and assessed for optimum discrimination of this data set. The sum-normalised PC-DFA spectral model produced sensitivities as high as 83.3% and specificities as high as 100% at the 99% confidence limit. At this confidence limit only one errant spectrum was misclassified. The resulting loadings plots suggest that a range of lipid and amino-acid related signals are responsible for the cell line discrimination.