Simplest nonequilibrium phase transition into an absorbing state

Barato, A. C. and Bonachela, Juan A. and Fiore, C. E. and Hinrichsen, H. and Muñoz, Miguel A. (2009) Simplest nonequilibrium phase transition into an absorbing state. Physical Review E, 79 (4). 041130. ISSN 1539-3755

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We study in further detail particle models displaying a boundary-induced absorbing state phase transition. These are one-dimensional systems consisting of a single site (the boundary) where creation and annihilation of particles occur, and a bulk where particles move diffusively. We study different versions of these models and confirm that, except for one exactly solvable bosonic variant exhibiting a discontinuous transition and trivial exponents, all the others display nontrivial behavior, with critical exponents differing from their mean-field values, representing a universality class. Finally, the relation of these systems with a (0+1) -dimensional non-Markovian process is discussed.