Study of space radiation effects with laser-plasma-accelerators

Hidding, B. and Karger, O. and Königstein, T. and Pretzler, G. and Rosenzweig, J.B. (2014) Study of space radiation effects with laser-plasma-accelerators. ESA, Hamburg.

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The potential of laser-plasma-accelerators for space radiation testing of electronics is explored. Both fields, laser-plasma-acceleration on the one hand and space radiation testing on the other are highly vibrant fields, which have been disjunct so far. However, there are a multitude of aspects which suggests that laser-plasma-accelerators could be highly relevant future radiation sources for the space radiation testing industry. It is the goal of this study to connect both fields and to introduce laser-plasma-accelerators as complementary radiation sources for improved space radiation testing.


Hidding, B. ORCID logoORCID:, Karger, O., Königstein, T., Pretzler, G. and Rosenzweig, J.B.;