Enhanced performance of FSIG wind farms for grid code compliance

Kalcon, Giddani Osman Addalan and Adam, Grain Philip and Anaya-Lara, Olimpo and Burt, Graeme and Lo, Kwok; (2010) Enhanced performance of FSIG wind farms for grid code compliance. In: Proceedings of the 2010 International Symposium on Power Electronics Electrical Drives Automation and Motion (SPEEDAM). IEEE, 660 - 665. ISBN 9781424449866 (https://doi.org/10.1109/SPEEDAM.2010.5542238)

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The use of dynamic reactive power compensation devices such as the STATCOM to improve power quality and Fault Ride-Through capabilities of FSIG wind farms is investigated. Also, the use of VSC-HVDC transmission to isolate the wind farm from impacts of potential faults in the grid side is investigated. Dynamic performance of the FSIG wind farm is explored under several operating conditions, such as a three phase short circuit at the point of common coupling (PCC) and wind speed fluctuations. The paper also compares the outcomes of the approaches presented to connect the FSIG wind farm and summarizes the merits and demerits of each of them.